My name is Danuta Radulska. When I cast my minds eye back on my childhood, the spinning wheel and loom have always been in my family home, thanks to my mother, who also spun decorative cloth.. Hand weaved Carpets and wall hangings I have known since childhood, but the technology for their production – not. I learned the art of weaving in the mid-80s. It was then that began my adventure with the fabric warp, which continues to today.

My weaving studio is on the trail of vanishing professions native to the Podlasie region of Poland .In the years 1989 - 1995 I worked with CEPELIA in Bialystok, in 1997 I became a member of the Association of Folk Artists. Carpet warp are formed on handlooms, which are made from sheep's wool in natural color or alternatively dyed-wool.

The weaving technique itself is difficult and complicated, but gives large artistic possibilities. Weaved fabric can be of any theme; flowers, animals or human characters. Designs are angular but beautiful in their simplicity. The process itself consists of two coloured wefts along with two threads which on the loom produce two plain-weave fabrics interconected by the decorative design and fringe.