Awards and prizes

My creative activity is very fruitful. Through my participation in many exhibitions, I promoted fabric warp, and in turn the municipality of Jonow and province Podlaskie. For my work I have received many awards and honors.Here are some of them:

  • Museum of Ethnographic in Torun in 1991, in exhibition: “Folk sculpture, painting and carpet warp northern Polish “
  • Diploma and prize in the competition of Regional souvenir from białystoczyzna- Białystok, 12.07.1996r
  • First prize for the competition of the fabric double- warp in days of Janow- Janów, 4.07.1999
  • The prize in a nationwide competition of folk art ; "A to polskie właśnie..." -Lublin 09.2004
  • Diploma and a prize for first place in the contest for the best works on display at the fair of Folk Art in Kazimierz Dolny- 24.06.2006
  • Diploma and prize for the best works presented at the XLIII Nationwide Folk Art Fair in Kazimierz Dolny 2010 r
  • Diploma and second prize in the eighteenth Competition about the fabric double warp -Janów 2010

The most important of the exhibition:

  • Węgorzewo 2-3.08.1997r - I Participated in fair crafts and folk art.
  • Namur in Belgium-11.09.2002 - an initiative to promote the province Podlaskie at the invitation of the Marshal's Office (demonstrations of weaving techniques)
  • Poznan 2005 i 2006r , participation in art fairs
  • Warsaw 05.06.2005r, 04.06.2006r, 10.09.2006r, 03.06.2007r, 05.2008r an initiative to promote community's in Podlasie (demonstrations of weaving techniques)
  • Vilnius 09.2006- participated in the promotion of Podlasie
  • Participation in art fairs, Frankfurt, Germany 2007. (Demonstrations of weaving)
  • Participation in the promotion of communities in Podlasie Warszawa 30.05.2010r
  • Together with Janowski Cultural Center I organized an exhibition in the Marshal's Office; “ Gallery of Local Government on the 300th anniversary of Janow “ 01.07.2010r. opening of the exhibition was conducted by the Deputy Marshal himself.
  • Folk Handicraft fairs in Bialystok
  • Jamow, near Czestochowa - the promotion of town Janow (demonstrations of weaving techniques)
  • Janow Podlaski - promotion of the community Janow (demonstrations of weaving techniques)


  • Since 1997. cooperation with the Dutch company Agro Eco-tourism Nature
  • PHosting a weaving workshop- a group of 10 people 24-26.11.2009
  • The Local Tourist Organisation "Gateway to the swamps" of 2009 and 2010
  • Exchange of experiences and weaving techniques with weavers from Norway 14-20.02.2010
  • September 9-11, 2010. participation in the workshop, "Natural dyeing methods"
  • I made a set fabrics with the theme “Growing and processing flax and hemp"