My work has sold to museums, galleries and private individuals from around the country and tourists from Europe, the Americas and Japan. I draw inspiration mainly from the nature which is around me, as well as reproduce traditonal styles. I also do projects for individual clients on a special order basis. My studio has been visited by tourists from all over Europe. In 1997 I started working with the Dutch eco-tourism company, Agro Nature. Visitors watch weaving demonstrations but also have the oppurtunity to learn to weave as well as learn some history of this rare craft. I invite you to see my work as well as studio, where you can observe the process of carpet warp and also try a hand at weaving yourself.

My products have been purchased by the following museums and galleries:

  • Museum of Folk Culture in Węgorzewo
  • Podlaskie Museum in Bialystok
  • Regional Chamber of weaving in Janow
  • Art Gallery and the Border Region "”kresy” Pogorzelice in the vicinity of Bialystok
  • Gallery "Artes" in Tykocin
  • Museum of Czestochowa
  • POL - ART Crafts and Folk Art, House of Folk Art in Warsaw